Former kicker hits halftime field goal, kicks off shoe, wins a car as a result

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember when all it took to inspire an exciting halftime show was a pair of passes for free Slurpees? How times have changed. Halftime of the game between crosstown rivals Simi Valley High (Simi Valley, Calif.) and Royal High (Simi Valley, Calif.) featured a placekicking competition for a new car and a former high school kicker's chance to drive away with that new pair of wheels.

The eventual conclusion couldn't have been more thrilling, and that was before a wild second half led to a 50-49 Royal High victory.

As reported by MaxPreps, former Simi Valley student Invictus Igwe connected on a field goal attempt from 40 yards to earn a brand new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, with a value of roughly $24,000. It's worth keeping in mind that a 40-yard field goal is no chip shot at the high school level; most teams across the nation would kill to have a placekicker on their roster who could hit from 40 yards.

Given his chance, Igwe geared up, raced toward the ball and put his most powerful boot behind it. In fact, he kicked so hard that the shoe on his right kicking foot flew off, leaving him with one shoe and one bare sock, crouching on the turf and praying for the ball to slip over the bar.

The loose shoe landed more than 10 yards down the field. The ball made it over the bar, with the help of a bounce up off the crossbar, and the result was the kind of delirium rarely seen at high school stadiums unless fans have just witnessed a game-winning Hail Mary.

Officials from the local Chevrolet dealership jumped for joy and tackled the 20-something in celebration before Igwe leapt up from the turf and sprinted to the arms of the Simi Valley football team, which was heading back out to the field, with only one shoe of course.

It all capped a remarkable promo event that marked a great California rivalry, and allowed Igwe to eschew the prescribed prize of a Chevy Camaro for a $20,000 cash prize, which he told USA Today he'll use to help pay off personal debt.

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