Teen field intruder gets obliterated by parent of a football player, a former football star himself

Cameron Smith
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Take note, high school students who illicitly get drunk before school football games: This is what happens when you're so sauced up that you let yourself run on the field and do really stupid things. You get your clock cleaned by a parent of a player on one of the football teams, occasionally a parent who happens to be a former player himself.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee and a few other sources, SBNation among them, the Sacramento (Calif.) Placer High football game against Colfax (Calif.) High was interrupted by a rather rude young man whose appearance and demeanor bore a resemblance to Tim Riggins (didn't they? Any other "Friday Night Lights" fans out there?).

You can see the entire episode unfold here, as provided by the Auburn Journal, or above, but this is essentially how things played out.

The young field invader wandered onto the field, with a belt in the wrong place and a water bottle in the right place, at least at first. He then squirted out all of the water and angrily threw it at the game referees, who were milling around like the players waiting for the kid to get the heck off the field. For a final act, the teen walked over to the football, picked it up and spread his arms out in a triumphant pose.

That's when one football parent decided he'd had enough, charging onto the field and completely destroying the young, inebriated field rusher in question. Needless to say, the triumphant pose was short-lived.

According to the Bee, there's a good reason why the football parent in question delivered such a powerful hit: He's Troy Minton-Sander, a former Placer football star himself.

Minton-Sander now serves as a law enforcement official, but he was off duty for the Placer-Colfax game so he could watch his son, Stone Sander, compete for Placer.

The parent of a Placer football player tackles a rather rude field intruder — YouTube
The parent of a Placer football player tackles a rather rude field intruder — YouTube

As it turns out, Minton-Sander got even more attention for his brief foray onto the field than Stone Sander did for his performance. In fact, the former player's hit was so impressive that Eddie Vanderdoes, one of the top recruits in the Class of 2013, called it "the hit of the year."

Plenty of Placer and Colfax fans would probably agree. The lone voice of dissent would probably be one teenager who let his Friday night get a little bit too far out of control.

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