Student settles pink cleats suit, returns to team

The power of public persuasion held fast Thursday, when the Simpson County (Miss.) School District reached a settlement with banned football placekicker Coy Sheppard that allowed the senior to return to the football team. The agreement came just hours after Sheppard's pink-shoed plight was profiled here at Prep Rally and in other media outlets across the country.

High School Player Suspended for Pink Cleats @ Yahoo! Video

According to the Associated Press, the 17-year-old agreed to drop his lawsuit against the Mendenhall School District when the team's football coach, Chris Peterson, agreed to allow the senior to rejoin the team.

The agreement also follows incendiary comments from Tom Duncan, the deputy superintendent for Simpson County schools who branded Sheppard as "defiant" for continuing to wear the pink cleats after coaches told him to take them off.

A joint statement from Sheppard and the school district was released Thursday, citing a misunderstanding between the two parties.

"The school district has taken steps to guarantee Coy that his school credit for playing is not at risk," the statement read.

It's unknown whether the placekicker will continue to wear the pink cleats -- which were a gift from his great-grandmother -- though that seems highly unlikely. One way or the other, the senior will be back on the field for Friday night's playoff game at Purvis (Miss.) High, where he may resume his placekicking duties.

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