Statistically speaking: Team racks up 82, 91 points in 2 wins

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There are blowouts, and then there are the type of beatings that Refugio (Texas) High has delivered the past two weeks. First, the Class 2A power set a school record for points in a game in an 82-6 drubbing of Riviera (Texas) Kaufer High. That record lasted for exactly seven days, at which point Refugio rocked Freer (Texas) High, 91-6.

Refugio football
Refugio football

For those of you keeping score at home, that's a two-game total score of 173-12. The Bobcats could have spotted each of their opponents 75 points and still pulled out a win.

"We've really grown together as a team and as a family this past week." Refugio football coach Jason Herring told after his team's 82-6 victory. "That's the most balanced game we've played since I've been here."

Evidently the Bobcats were even more balanced a week later. Still, the team's lopsided victories raise serious questions about whether those dramatic scores are really necessary. Refugio is the top-ranked team in the Associated Press Texas Class 2A poll and is at no risk of losing that position. The Bobcats certainly didn't need to score 173 points in two weeks to maintain it.

Yet Herring has never exactly held back from racking up big scorelines, either. reported that the school's 2010 squad scored more than 70 points in a whopping seven of its victories. In addition to the Bobcats' 82 and 91 point outings, Refugio has also scored 64 and 72 points in two other 2011 victories. The 72-point win was particularly galling, because it was a shutout against Robstown (Texas) High.

Somehow, Refugio has failed to come under significant media criticism for its blowout practices. It almost goes without saying that any larger program which consistently produced the kind of one-sided results Refugio has cranked out would fall under significant media attention and likely criticism, as events in Pittsburgh showed following three blowouts on the same day that Refugio scored its 82-6 rout.

Whether that changes in the future is anyone's guess, but one thing seems fairly certain: The Bobcats will keep scoring unless something significant changes … and possibly even then.

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