Statistically speaking: Football team wins 3 games in 6 days

Cameron Smith
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On rare occasions, a high school football team might be stuck with the misfortune of having to play two games in a week. It's a scheduling dilemma that teams desperately try to avoid to minimize the risk of injuries or other maladies, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Ravenscroft football
Ravenscroft football

What you don't see is more than two games in the span of a week … at least until now. For the first time Prep Rally can remember, a team completed the unenviable task of playing three games in six days, an accomplishment pulled off by Raleigh (N.C.) Ravenscroft School. More impressively, according to the News & Observer, Ravenscroft won all three games.

"We talked about attacking each one individually and doing something special to get to three games in six days," Ravenscroft coach Ned Gonet told the News & Observer. "You've got to be smart how you handle the kids and manage them. You've still got to practice, but we backed off the physicality a little bit."

The long six-day stretch began on a Friday with a 29-14 Ravenscroft victory against Fayetteville (N.C.) Christian School and concluded with a 63-14 dismantling of Wake Christian (N.C.) School on a Thursday. In between the Ravens dropped Louisburg (N.C.) High 49-13 on a Monday night. If you sit down and map out the days involved (Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday, Sunday to Monday, Monday to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday and Wednesday to Thursday), Gonet's math checks out; the Ravens really did win three games in just six full days (because the clock on those days didn't begin until Ravenscroft kicked off its first game).

Winning three games in six days -- or a week, if you don't trust the time span used by Gonet -- is a grueling prospect for any team in any sport. In football, the increased likelihood of injury and the number of players necessary makes such an achievement even more far fetched.

Of course, that's precisely why schools tend to avoid scheduling multiple matchups in a week. Still, Ravenscroft quarterback Quinn Billerman said that there were actually advantages to playing so many games in rapid succession.

"We saw it as an opportunity to get a rhythm going," Billerman told the News & Observer.

Given the results, it seems fair to say that Ravenscroft is in a groove following the three rapid-fire victories. The three victories pushed the Ravens' record to 5-3, helping turn around a season that began with a rocky, 2-3 start.

"We're starting to execute a little more and be efficient," Gonet told the News & Observer.

That's certainly a fair statement. After all, it would be pretty hard to be more efficient than three wins in a six-day span.

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