Statistically speaking: $100 for a prep hoops ticket? It happened in Nevada

Cameron Smith
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When fans go to a high school basketball game, they usually anticipate paying $5 for a ticket … if that. For fans who were absolutely set on seeing Saturday's matinee faceoff between Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman High and Las Vegas (Nev.) Findlay Prep -- both of which are ranked in the RivalsHigh 100's Top 25 -- they had to shell out a lot, lot more.

Findlay Prep star Winston Shepard —
Findlay Prep star Winston Shepard —

Because of a venue shift from UNLV's home court at the Thomas & Mack Center to the much smaller adjoining Cox Pavilion, the Gorman-Findlay crosstown faceoff couldn't fit nearly as many fans as wanted to get in. As detailed by the Las Vegas Sun, both UNLV and the high school game were played on Saturday, and both were televised on different networks, which meant they couldn't be hosted in the same building.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the venue switch, hosting the crosstown rivalry game at the Cox Pavilion created a bit of a ticket shortage. In fact, there was such high unmet demand that a few selected seats were posted on StubHub for the game.

Now, the Gorman-Findlay game is almost certainly not the first time that high school tickets have made their way on to StubHub. Yet it probably is the first time that re-sold prep tickets were listed at more than $100 a pop.

On Friday evening, less than 24 hours before the game's tip-off, tickets had a high of $166 per seat. In total, eight tickets were listed on Friday, ranging from $99 to that $166 high. The Sun reported that earlier on Friday 12 tickets had ranged from $90 to $201.

By Saturday morning those prices had decreased … though only slightly. The top ticket price among seven available was $132, with the mid-range price listed at $115 and the "cheap" seats costing $92.

Of course, the adjusted supply means that in all likelihood five people actually bought $100 or more seats to a high school basketball game, which is a fairly astonishing concept in itself.

It should be noted that the listed tickets could have been pulled back by their respective StubHub sellers, but because there were no electronic tickets, they would have had to be taken off the market before the day of the game, when a StubHub last-minute ticket coordinator would have them in hand to pass off to a late buyer.

Luckily for anyone who decided to plump up the change to see the game, the showdown pretty much lived up to the hype, with Findlay pulling out a 73-61 victory in front of a crowd which included U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former QB Randall Cunningham and a handful of other national Grade A notables.

Still, in the long run it's astonishing that what should be the seminal game of the 2011-12 Nevada boys basketball season will probably always be known more for how much people paid to see the game than what they actually saw.

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