All-state wrestler saves man’s life with CPR in restroom of state tournament

Cameron Smith

When Schuyler LaRue headed to the Tennessee state wrestling tournament on Thursday, the Maryville (Tn.) Heritage High junior knew that he had a tough road ahead of him. What LaRue didn't know was that the challenges facing him included a spontaneous life saving CPR performance.

Heritage wrestler Schuyler LaRue saved an attendee at the Tennessee state wrestling meet — Heritage Mountaineers Wrestling

As reported by the Nashville Tennessean, LaRue was using the restroom when an older patron at the tournament collapsed and hit his head. LaRue's training as a summer lifeguard kicked in and he immediately stabilized the man and began performing CPR.

"I saw him and thought he was stumbling, and he fell and hit his head," LaRue told the Tennessean.

“I got him in a neutral position and started doing compressions and just did what I needed to do. His pulse went in and out, and I just kept going until someone came in and tapped me on the shoulder and said I’m an [EMT].”

That EMT then took Ron Bussey to the hospital. Bussey is a 68-year-old former assistant under Wilson (Tn.) Central High John Kramer when the duo were both living in Michigan. Bussey now comes to the Tennessee state tournament to support Kramer, who told the Tennessean that his former assistant was in stable condition at a nearby hospital on Thursday night.

Naturally, he might not have been so lucky if it weren't for the quick thinking of a resourceful -- and talented -- teen wrestler who went on to win his opening round match shortly after his CPR episode.

“He’s a great kid, got a great head on his shoulders,” Heritage coach Jerry Teaster said. “It was great for him to react like that.

“He was worried about [Bussey]. But he came back strong once they came back and said [Bussey] was OK and talking.”

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