Star Massachusetts RB's fiercest competition is his own brother

When Dylan Colarusso entered his senior season at Weymouth (Mass.) High, he expected to carry the bulk of the team's offensive workload. An 11-touchdown workhorse in 2009, Colarusso figured to be the team's lone go-to back, and he was ready to shoulder that responsibility. Three games into an undefeated season, Colarusso has lived up to expectations, but he's having to fight to stay on the field thanks to a hard-charging backup: his brother Ozzy.

According to the Boston Globe's Patrick McHugh, the Colarusso brothers have mounted an impressive tet-a-tet through Weymouth's first three victories, a period in which Dylan has scored 7 touchdowns and Ozzy 5. In that time, Ozzy, who is pictured above, stole Dylan's headlines with a three-touchdown game in a week two victory over Framingham (Mass.) High.

For their part, the two brothers say the could care less who is considered the "featured back" by seasons end, so long as Weymouth keeps winning. In fact, Dylan Colarusso claims that when he looks across the dinner table he sees a complementary piece, not internal competition for carries on the field.

"If I drive the ball down the field and Oz gets the touchdown I could care less, as long as we get the six points on the board," Dylan Colarusso told the Boston Globe. "The touchdown race or whatever you want to call it means nothing to me; I just want to keep getting those W's."

Still, there can be no doubt that there is a fierce competition between the two for familial bragging rights. Here's how they described their sibling rivalry to the Globe:

"We try to one-up each other," said the 15-year-old Ozzy, who has also picked off four passes as a cornerback on defense. "I like challenging him because it makes us better."

"I think it's easier for us to play harder because we're pushing each other," said the 17-year-old Dylan, who also starts at linebacker for the Wildcats.

"We have that competitive nature based on the other one's performance. He's more than just a teammate."

For his part, the brothers' coach says the two Colarussos fulfill different needs for Weymouth's offense, and that he'll need both during the team's heated Bay State Conference campaign.

"They're like thunder and lightning," Weymouth head coach Kevin Mackin told the Globe. "Dylan is a man; he is a powerhouse kid. ...

"Ozzy is the guy that can come in and gash you. If he makes you miss, he's gone. He's more of a slasher."

No matter who finished with more touchdowns, or more tackles -- both brothers also start on defense, Dylan at linebacker and Ozzy at cornerback -- there's one person who is even happier about the brothers' collaboration than Mackin: Dylan and Ozzy's mother.

"I remember the long days of Pop Warner football," Pam Colarusso told the Globe. "Watching one game, staying after for the next one. It's great being able to watch them play together. I couldn't be more proud of them."

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