South African teen may have suffered the worst prep sports injury ever

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Here's a word of warning before you go any further: You may not be able to un-see what you view in the video below. So, whatever you do, if you get queasy at the sight of slightly gnarly injuries, just turn away now.

OK, ready? Good, because what occurred during a recent prep rugby match in South Africa makes Willis McGahee's University of Miami knee injury look like a stubbed toe.

Wow. That's painful just watching it. All anyone can do is hope that the victim manages to find a way to walk again in the near future.

The player who was injured is Martin Groenwald, an 18-year-old rugby player who competes for Port Elizabeth (Za.) Grey High School. During a match against Bloemfontein (Za.) Grey College, Groenwald found himself at the bottom of a pile chasing after -- and eventually possessing -- a loose ball.

That's when a pair of Grey College players came crashing in on top of Groenwald, landing on his right leg during a particularly unfortunate moment, snapping Groenwald's appendage in one of the nastiest compound fractures you'll ever see.

Groenwald was rapidly transported to a local hospital in Bloemfontein, where a spokesperson reported that the teen had suffered both a broken fibula and tibia, and required immediate surgery.

There has been no word on a timetable for Groenwald's recovery, but one can only hope that he can follow the lead of Kevin Ware and others and work his way back ahead of schedule, and healthily. If nothing else, perhaps he can get that video blocked on his own computer so he never has to see that footage again.

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