Softball coach suspended after rant against student in which he threatens familial financial ruin

Cameron Smith
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A Winston-Salem softball coach and a school resource officer at the same school have both been suspended because of an hour-long rant they launched against a student at their school who accused the men of sending too many texts to a female student.

East Forsyth softball coach Mike Muse —
East Forsyth softball coach Mike Muse —

As reported in depth by the Winston-Salem Journal and Associated Press, among other sources, East Forsyth (N.C.) High softball coach Mike Muse has been suspended following an extreme tirade against 15-year-old former East Forsyth student Dillon Tschrnko, who had called texts between Muse and a 16-year-old member of the school's softball team "weird."

That claim sent Muse into a rage, with the coach launching into an extreme tirade against the student. Muse, who formerly worked as a director of player development for the Wake Forest mens basketball program, was accompanied by James Deeney, the school's resource officer, who was also accused by Tschrnko of sending a large number of text messages to the teenage girl. Yet, unbeknownst to the school employees, Tschrnko recorded the near hour-long rant on his cell phone, then submitted tape of that rant to the Winston-Salem Journal when school officials failed to act against the two employees.

In fact, it was only after that tape was made public -- and after Tschrnko had enrolled at a different high school following threats from other students on his Facebook page -- that the Winston-Salem-Forsyth school district officially suspended both men and moved Deeney to another school.

Still, Muse's suspension is currently only scheduled to run for five days, a brief spell considering the fact that he cursed Tschrnko a number of times and threatened to "financially ruin" his family, all over the teen's seemingly legitimate concern about the ethically of private communications between two school employees and a fellow student.

Whether those suspensions will be re-evaluation or extended going forward remains to be seen, but Tschrnko and his parents don't appear to have given up their fight against what they see as an unduly light sentence for two school officials charged with interacting with students on a regular basis.

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