Soccer team uses bizarre misdirection play to score crazy goal

Misdirection has always played a role in the sports world. Like a play-action fake in football, the goal of using misdirection is to sell the opposition on one play, and then catch them off-guard by suddenly doing the exact opposite.

If you need a perfect example of how well it can work, look no further than a soccer game between Bryant (Arkansas) High School and Conway (Arkansas) High School, where Bryant used a form of misdirection on a set piece to score a bizarre goal.

As you can see from the video, the Bryant player about to take the kick runs into his own teammate, on purpose, and the third member of the team kicks the ball to a teammate streaking toward the goal, all while the Conway players were watching what was going on off to the side.

While the play was scripted and pretty clever, there are some people questioning if it was a cheap play that should have resulted in yellow cards for the two Bryant "actors" that fell down before the kick.


I understand the debate about the play, but we've been seeing misdirection and bizarre plays in high school football for years now. From trying to bring on a player at the last second to pretending to call a timeout and then throwing it down the field, plays like this are nothing new.

If anything, Bryant should be commended for using its imagination and coming up with such an ingenious play that resulted in a goal.

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