Snoop Dogg attacks his favorite high school’s rival on Twitter

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Snoop Dogg is more than just a celebrity, he's a cottage industry all to himself. On top of a musical career which has spanned three decades and brief forays into product develop that once included plans for a George Forman-alike cooking apparatus called the Snoop De Grill, the rap mogul has always maintained a connection with the public by portraying himself as an everyday guy from the 'hood who happened to get lucky hitting the big time.

Snoop Dogg performs at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado
Snoop Dogg performs at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado

A big part of that image is his longtime fandom of a variety of sports and teams. And while his devotion for the Steelers and Raiders is well established, the team closest to his heart may be a powerhouse prep program much nearer his Compton roots: Long Beach (Calif.) Polytechnic High, which is currently ranked number 90 in the RivalsHigh 100. Normally, that would be considered a great thing, both for Snoop and Poly, which could use his interest as leverage to drive up interest from the rest of the community.

Yet last week, Snoop's fandom became a liability, as the rapper went off on a good natured by somewhat explicit screed against Poly's then-forthcoming opponent in a key, nationally-hyped game.

Using his well-followed Twitter account -- @SnoopDogg -- the man who is officially named Calvin Broaddus attacked No. 72 Mission Viejo (Calif.) High in the following Tweet:

poly freshman jus kicked missions ass like I said. Fyi yo ass is next mr johnson oh yeah 123. [Expletive] mission!!! Poly high do or die!!

The "mr johnson" referred to in Snoop's Tweet is longtime Mission Viejo headman Bob Johnson, who has coached the Diablos since 1999. Johnson is also a coordinator for Nike's national football camps and a contributor to the much ballyhooed Elite 11 Quarterback Camp held each summer.

Johnson is also no young whippersnapper, as his portrait photo on this page proves all too well.

While the Tweet seemed to rile up both Poly and Mission Viejo supporters heading into the game, Snoop attempted to cool down any heated feelings after Mission's eventual 17-12 victory on Friday, offering up the following Tweet to Mission and Johnson himself shortly after the final whistle.

Snoop Dogg's Tweet after Mission Viejo victory
Snoop Dogg's Tweet after Mission Viejo victory

Given the intense emotion fans pump into Friday and players pump into Friday night games, having a major celebrity add more hype may not be the most helpful or necessary trend. When that celebrity has a Twitter following of 4,367,379 users and a net worth of approximately $110 million, it might not be the wisest commercial decision on his part, either.

Then again, Snoop Dogg isn't exactly a garden variety celebrity, as his brief foray into Twitter high school football commentary proved all too well.

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