Six-year-old blind swimmer close to qualification for Junior Olympics in 8-year-old division

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Six-year-old Jeffrey Cone was born with some serious limitations, with eyesight that only helps him see objects within about a 10-foot radius of his face. He's colorblind and, with a rare genetic eye condition, has no hope of improved vision as he gets older.

In other words, Cone is essentially blind.

Yet, that hasn't kept the youngster from excelling at swimming, a sport in which his disability is much less of an obstacle. And now, as reported by Sacramento CBS affiliate KOVR, the elementary schooler is emerging as a major talent in the pool for his Bear River Swim Team.

How strong a swimmer is Cone? Strong enough that he stands a good chance of qualifying for this summer's AAU Junior Olympic Games, to be held in July just outside Houston.

If Cone qualifies, he would be doing so for the 8-and-under level of competition, a heck of an accomplishment considering the fact that he would be a full two years younger than most of his competitors.

According to Cone's mother, Dianne, reaching Junior Olympic heights wouldn't even be a surprise given her son's determination.

"It's amazing to me the things he's been able to accomplish," Diane Cook told KOVR. "Everyone is just constantly inspired by him."

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