Sewage break makes for putrid soccer field in Missouri

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

You can't blame the St. Bernadette Catholic School soccer team for the product on the school's pitch on Saturday. The blame belongs squarely with the city of St. Louis' sewage department.

The St. Bernadette soccer field, after a sewage break — KMOV photo
The St. Bernadette soccer field, after a sewage break — KMOV photo

As reported by St. Louis new network KMOV and CBS affiliate KMOX, among other outlets, the soccer pitch at St. Bernadette Catholic School was flooded with 100 gallons of raw sewage after a sewage pipe broke near the church. The spill erupted in the middle of St. Bernadette's soccer field and will render the field unusable, though officials insist that there is no significant threat to public safety.

According to KMOV, the break occurred when Metropolitan Sewage Department workers were attempting to clear a sewage main that had become blocked by tree roots, leading to a backup that was causing a "foul odor." Unfortunately, the efforts of the crew on the scene only exacerbated that smell when the sewer pipe broke and sent the sewage across a 20- by 50-foot area.

KMOV reported that the sewage was cleaned up on Sunday, though it is not immediately clear when it will be ready for use by student athletes again. School officials have been asked to keep students off the field until it can be sure that all remnants of the sewage has been cleaned.

Until then, St. Bernadette's field will remain closed, just as boys state playoffs begin. Perhaps it's a good thing that St. Bernadette's season is already over.

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