Seventh-grader throws down thunder dunk on a fast break

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to preface the following video with this disclaimer: The man-child throwing down the thunder dunk you're about to see is only 11 years old.

That's right folks, that was an 11-year-old who just skied above defenders and threw down a powerful slam in that video. His name is Adrian Moore, and in the bizarre world of prepubescent athletic hype, the seventh grader has already been ranked as a top prospect in the Class of 2016 and is garnering collegiate attention from some prime-time college programs.

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The attention comes with both his genetic pedigree -- his father is 6-foot-3 and his mother is 6-feet tall -- which has led to his growth to his current 6-foot-3 size and his father's connections in Little Rock. The elder Moore is a police officer in Little Rock and became acquainted with Scottie Pippen, who has since taken to mentoring the younger Moore despite his tender age.

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As amazing as Adrian Moore's prodigious talent is, he was flashing some of the athleticism on display in the dunk you see above last year, when he dunked on a fast break at an AAU national tournament, as you can see below.

So, will Moore become the next Derrick Rose or -- perhaps more appropriately, given his expected final size of a lanky 6-foot-6 to 6-foot-8 -- Scottie Pippen? It's far too early to tell. Regardless of what his future holds, we can certainly rest easy knowing that he won't be afraid to attack the rim on a fast break.

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