The season’s first three-quarter court, game-winning buzzer-beater is a doozy from Washington

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The basketball season is officially upon us! How can we tell? Because shots like the one you see below have started hitting the bottom of the net.

The player connecting on the miracle heave you see above is Olympic (Wash.) High star Brian Tyson, who turned a rather unimaginative play-call for an inbounds pass with 1.7 seconds remaining -- get the ball and hand it off to your teammate -- into pure gold with a phenomenally accurate, football-style heave that served as a game-winning 3-pointer, handing Olympic a 57-56 victory against Kingston (Wash.) High on Wednesday night.

"I was supposed to get the ball and hand it off to Quentin [Phillips]," Tyson told the Kitsap Sun. "I was thinking it looked pretty good. It was lots of excitement. I couldn't breathe."

Part of the reason why Tyson couldn't breathe was because he was completely mobbed on the end line by his teammates and coach, Devin Huff. In fact, it was Huff who landed the best one-liner about Tyson's newfound celebrity: He said the guard shouldn't have any trouble landing a date thanks to his miraculous shooting exploits.

"I'll be a little concerned about him," Huff told the Sun.

Considering the fact that the school announcements on Thursday played the audio call of his game-winner over the loudspeakers, Huff might just be correct. If nothing else, Tyson and his teammates will have a heck of a memory of where they were and what happened on 12-12-12. Unfortunately for them, Kingston's players probably will, too.

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