School forces fans to walk across gym in socks

Cameron Smith
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High school volleyball fans for a recent match in Los Angeles got a surprise when they needed to cross the gym: A demand to take off their shoes and walk in their socks.

As aptly noted by Los Angeles Times high school sports writer Eric Sondheimer, fans at Los Angeles (Calif.) University Senior High were understandably confused when given the "TSA" treatment at a high school sporting event, particularly since the school had given no notice that fans need to bring slippers or other foot coverings for the match.

Los Angeles University volleyball team
Los Angeles University volleyball team

You can see the Uni volleyball team in action above against Los Angeles (Calif.) Hamilton High earlier this year. It's unknown whether fans who wore sandals and flip flops to the volleyball match had to cross the gym barefoot. If so, that might open up a whole different bag of health concerns.

According to a blog post by Sondheimer, University boys basketball coach Steve Ackerman said that the decision to force all fans into their socks was brought on by a desire to be "extra cautious" about the new gym surface. The school made the decision to force fans to take off their shoes on its own, without any consultation with the California Interscholastic Federation City Section or its officials.

Still, there's being extra cautious and then there's near invasive treatment of fans. Add a metal detector and the school would practically be ready for takeoff as a regional airport.

Then again, Los Angeles is always in need of another airport. Maybe Ackerman and University officials are on to something after all.

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