School board member threatens gun violence against coach for her grandson’s lack of playing time

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Members of the school board are supposed to be more level headed than the average, everyday citizen. Evidently that doesn't apply to all members of the Richland, S.C. Richland Two school board.

As reported by Columbia TV network WLTX, Richland County School Board member Melinda Anderson made a violent threatening comment about the Westwood High football coach (Richland, S.C.), whom she was reportedly angry with for mistreating her grandson. The coach in question told WLTX that he assumed her complaint was related to her grandson's lack of playing time.

Here is what Anderson allegedly told other members of the board at a meeting.

"I'm so angry I just want to kill the coach and I have a gun."

Unsurprisingly, other board members were less than amused by Anderson's threat, with Richland school board chairman Bill Fleming insisting that the board would not accept any threatening statements toward district employees, and would be investigating the alleged incident.

For her part, Anderson has lashed back at the rest of the board, though she has not specified whether their allegations were outright lies or simply taken out of context.

"I will not lower my standards to follow up such foolishness that was initiated by some people in administration," Anderson told WLTX. "I am far too intelligent to attempt to argue with untruth."

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