Santa Claus is ballin' in town

Ever wonder what Santa Claus does when he's not visiting with children at malls, overseeing toy and trinket production among a factory of elves and trying to ensure he doesn't end up on the wrong side of Mrs. Claus? Well, occasionally he searches out a good game of hoops.

On this rare occasion when Kris Kringle was caught hooping with some teenagers at some far flung blacktop on camera, he proved that he's not afraid to bang on the blocks or fire up an open three.

He was also shockingly nimble for wearing slick-soled black boots and his full get up, though the extent of his male pattern balding became apparent toward the end of the video, when Santa defrocked his scalp to give his head a little room to breathe.

What's your take on Santa's hooping skills? Would you challenge him to a quick game of one-on-one? Perhaps most importantly, who's the better hoopster, Santa or Prince? These are the cosmic questions we all need answers to, and there's only one man who has the answers. Paging Charlie Murphy ...

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