Russian youth girls’ hockey final results in violent bench-clearing brawl

Just your ordinary girls' youth hockey fight. Wait, what?

How many adult Russian hockey referees, coaches and fans does it take to break up a brawl between two girls' youth hockey teams? Apparently a lot.

This bench-clearing affair occurred between teams from Tumen and the Republic of Tatarstan in the finals of the sixth annual Russian Winter Student Games (h/t Big Lead).

Of course, we've seen Hilary Swank win an Oscar for brutal fighting among girls as a boxer in Clint Eastwood's 2004 vehicle "Million Dollar Baby," but this is real life.

And these are real punches. Just ask No. 12 in white, who receives a vicious right cross from No. 16 on the opposing team. She also threw her fair share of haymakers into the mix before forming the bottom layer of a pile of punches. Yet, afterwards, she calmly rose to her feet, wiped the hair from her face and skated to center ice, ready for Round 2.

Who ever said girls aren't tough? She was more steady on her feet than Boston Bruins tough guy Sean Thornton after his bout with Buffalo Sabres goon John Scott a month ago.

We've also seen a young Utah female soccer player knee her opponent in the face and even a couple California cheerleaders duking it out on their coach's orders, but nothing involving so many female competitors and so many fights, even in the sport of hockey.

I know they made a failed version of "Slap Shot 3: The Junior League" back in 2008, but maybe that franchise should consider "Slap Shot 4: From Russia With Love."

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