Rick Ross is hanging out with Washington High, the nation’s top prep football team

Cameron Smith
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Remember when the University of Miami football program was the "it" team in sports, making sensations out of both Miami players and the musicians who adored them in the 90s? Well, now a new Miami squad has popped up on the radar and is attracting attention from some serious players. The difference is that the athletes on this squad are as year as 14 years old.

Platinum-selling rapper Rick Ross hangs out with the Washington High football team — Instagram
Platinum-selling rapper Rick Ross hangs out with the Washington High football team — Instagram

As posted on Instagram, rap mogul Rick Ross spent Wednesday night hanging out with members of Miami's Booker T. Washington High football team. Washington is the top-ranked squad in every major national poll, including Prep Rally's own Poll Championship Series amalgamated standings.

The mid-week meet-up was no matter of chance. According to Washington assistant coach Tim Harris Jr., who spoke with MaxPreps, Ross specifically requested a chance to meet with the team before he leaves to begin working on his new album. The rapper knows a parent of one of the Washington players and has been closely following the team's early season exploits.

The rapper and team met at a local Dave and Busters, where Ross took photos with the team and then gave an impassioned speech about playing for the pride of Miami. The Maybach Music artist even alluded to his talk with the Washington players on his own Twitter account.

"Just had a strong and positive convo with the Nation's No. 1 ranked high school football team #BookerT @ReebokClassics"

As for the players, there's little doubt that the quickly organized meeting was a surprising highlight of their Wednesday.

"I think it was a great gesture by Rick Ross," Harris told MaxPreps. "Taking some time out of his busy schedule to give our kids an opportunity to shake hands, take pictures, and offering them words of encouragement to continue doing the right thing.

"It was exciting for the kids. They jumped all over [it.]"

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