Reuben Foster has been cleared by the AHSAA, expect him to dominate Alabama foes soon

Cameron Smith

Days after a furore erupted over Auburn (Ala.) High senior and uber-recruit Reuben Foster's eligibility, the superstar linebacker has been cleared by Alabama High School Athletic Association representatives, who were always the only officials looking into the teen's status.

As reported by site, an Auburn High press release on Thursday afternoon claimed the AHSAA officially cleared Reuben to compete in the state for his senior prep campaign. The state body was apparently only doing its due diligence to ensure that Reuben had not been brought to Alabama from his prior school, LaGrange (Ga.) Troup High, in any improper way.

Conversations between AHSAA officials and Foster and his mother, Anita Paige, occurred on Monday night, shortly after they were first misinterpreted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Prep Rally and other outlets followed on that reporting, which included a direct quote claiming that a meeting between Paige and the NCAA was forthcoming.

As it turns out, either Paige or Journal-Constitution writer Michael Carvell was confused about who the people coming to the Foster household were, with AHSAA officials eventually showing up. Conversations with the family apparently cleared up any concerns on the part of the governing body, with the AHSAA rubber stamping his official clearance on Thursday.

"An inquiry from the Alabama High School Athletic Association regarding possible violations of the AHSAA Recruiting Rule occurred this month. The query was in regards to Auburn High School student-athlete, Reuben Foster. The AHSAA determined that no vioiation occurred.

"The Auburn High School Athletic office ensures that any transferring student-athlete is in good-standing and in compliance with AHSAA requirements."

Meanwhile, Foster himself spoke about the issue for the first time, issuing a brief rebuke of all who had reported about the alleged investigation into his eligibility.

"You live and learn, but you better comprehend before you talk," Foster told "I wasn't worried a bit."

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