Remarkable Colorado full court shot in girls hoops game goes in off a bounce

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

You may think that you've seen every type of dramatic, long-distance shot under the moon. The full court baseball heave? Seen it. A midcourt running jumper? Seen it. A three quarter court hook shot? Seen it. Well, you haven't seen the ridiculous shot immediately below.

There's a one-bounce, full-court buzzer beater that didn't need to be taken nearly as early as it was for your Monday afternoon. The miraculous made basket emerged on Reddit on Monday and comes from Colorado, where Monument (Co.) Lewis Palmer High's girls basketball team was visiting Colorado Springs (Co.) Cheyenne Mountain High. With the third quarter clock ticking down, Lewis Palmer's Anna Olson grabbed a loose ball and chucked it up the floor.

What happened next can only be described as magical. Or just incredibly, incredibly lucky. First, the ball bounced on one of the lower blocks on the side of the paint. It was thrown with an arc that forced the resulting bounce to go straight up, with the ball eventually bouncing off the backboard and rim and in for two very long range points (the bucket counted for only a pair because it bounced inside the three-point arc)

Apparently, Olson thought there was far less time remaining in the period than there actually was. Her desperation shot was released with nearly 10 seconds on the clock, enough time for it to slip through the net and still give Cheyenne Mountain a chance to rush back down the floor.

Then again, perhaps Olson released the shot so early because she knew she was going for a long distance bounce shot. Unlike most traditional "buzzer beaters", Olson's bucket hit the court first, which means that it wouldn't have counted if she had released it in the final second.

That's neither here nor there now, with Olson earning plaudits for one of the most bizarre made baskets you'll ever see, which contributed key points to a 30-22 Lewis Palmer victory in the process.

Now, let's see Olson try to do that again ...

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