Referees kick Mike Bibby out of his son’s playoff basketball game, and he is happy to play it up

The celebrity parental insanity is spreading. Not long after the athletic director at Iowa State was escorted out of a high school gym for disagreeing with a call during his son’s basketball game, former NBA star Mike Bibby suffered the same indignity, though the elder Bibby certainly seemed to enjoy the banishment quite a bit more.

As reported by Phoenix ABC affiliate ABC-15, Bibby was escorted from the gym by a uniformed police officer after he virulently disagreed with a call during the Phoenix (Az.) Shadow Mountain High boys basketball game at Phoenix (Ax.) Sunnsyslope High during a sectional tournament game. Bibby, who until recently was still suiting up for the New York Knicks, was at the game to watch his son, Mike Bibby Jr., who is a star freshman point guard for Shadow Mountain, the same school that the elder Bibby attended before moving on to star for the Arizona Wildcats. Bibby Jr. is reportedly averaging more than 9 points and 4 assists per game during his first high school campaign.

You can see the elder Bibby being unceremoniously tossed out of the Sunnyslope gym in the video above. After Bibby was ejected, Sunnyslope went on to win the sectional matchup, 60-42.

There are no official accounts of what Bibby did to earn the ejection, though he certainly didn’t shy away from the attention that comes with being a former NBA star in one’s hometown.

For his part, the younger Bibby hasn’t tried to skirt any of the pressure that comes from being his father’s son. If anything, he has tried to follow as closely as possible in his Dad’s footsteps. Not only is the younger Bibby playing at his father’s alma mater, he is also wearing his Dad’s number 10 jersey while starring for the elder Bibby’s branded AAU program, Team Bibby.

It doesn’t hurt that the younger Bibby is a spitting image of his father, either.

Of course, now that the elder Mike Bibby is no longer employed by an NBA franchise he should have plenty of time to take in prep basketball games. That might be good news for family support, but bad news for referees. Three more years of heavy-handed reactions to referee calls can wear on even the most patient of officials.

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