Punt return of the year? Punt return of the year, thanks to Kansas stud Eli Renoux

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

When was the last time you saw a punt return incorporate multiple reversals of field, a partial hurdle of a defender and a spin move straight out of the Barry Sanders playbook? Never?

Now you have.

The stud you see putting on all the moves in the single-play career highlight above is Eli Renoux, a burgeoning sophomore talent for Andover (Kan.) High. What he accomplished in the span of a single punt return would make most other prep football players jealous. To whit, he:

  • avoided a set of tacklers along the right side of the field by reversing field suddenly

  • avoided a set of tacklers along the left side of the field by reversing field back in the other direction

  • hurdled a defender who appeared to have him lined up

  • dropped another would be tackler with a completely ridiculous spin-o-rama move

The rest was sheer speed, which Renoux clearly has in spades. Given that Andover cruised to a 41-12 victory against Haysville (Kan.) High in the game, it may be set up for good things for some time to come.

As for Renoux, something tells Prep Rally he'll be getting plenty more recruiting attention once this return goes fully viral.

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