Protestor attacks president of charitable special needs baseball league at a game

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

In a show of truly poor sportsmanship, a North Carolina community's opposition to the construction of a proposed baseball field specifically intended for use by special needs children reached a fever pitch and led to a stunning attack on an official of the league in question.

As reported by North Carolina network WRAL, Traci Brown, the executive director of a special education-based association called the Miracle League, was attacked by a protester who was handing out fliers alleging that the Miracle League was hiding specifics about its expansion from residents.

According to one Miracle League board member, Brown was simply trying to relay the message spread by Cary police on the scene when she was attacked.

"It was described to me as both fists coming down on the back of her. I believe hitting her in the neck and in the shoulder," Miracle League board member Joe Dew told WRAL. "It's disappointing that somebody would get physical. It gives you a little pause. It makes you stop and wonder how we are not communicating with each other."

A 48-year-old man was arrested in connection with the attack, with Gene George charged with assault after the incident.

While there is no word yet about any subsequent steps related to George's assault, the fact that he would be so crass as to attack a woman who serves as the leader of a near universally respected charitable league is relatively despicable.

One can only hope that George's actions and the negative reaction they have received will deter any future physical objections to the league's seemingly modest expansion plans.

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