Preposterous Connecticut TD heave is an absolute must-see

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

On Friday, Prep Rally brought you a genuine contender for play of the year from the state of New Jersey. Now a team from Connecticut is contributing a contender of its own, with this ridiculous touchdown toss from two teams' season-opening matchup.

There are any number of ways to describe that touchdown pass that you see above, which came from North Haven (Conn.) quarterback Jalon White to wide receiver Joe Burr in the third quarter of the Indians' 20-19 victory against New Haven (Conn.) Hillhouse High, but none are likely to top the exclamation that came directly from the Hillhouse stands.

"Ain't no way, yo!"

As it turns out, there was a way, though it required a crazy pass attempt -- no coach would ever advise his quarterback to throw a blind pass while being wrangled to the ground by a defender, let alone do so on a third-and-goal with another shot at the end zone forthcoming -- and the most fortuitous arc in recent sports history, which dropped White's desperation heave directly into Burr's hands.

Of course, Hillhouse can't exactly avoid all blame for the play, considering the fact that Burr was completely wide open in the secondary at the 7-yard line to pull in the pass.

As Connecticut Post writer Sean Patrick Bowley (who originally dug up the highlight from Birds Eye Sports) put it, White's touchdown pass was a "rabbit-out-of-a-hat play," but it also went on to completely change the path of the game, and possibly North Haven's season. The Indians trailed 19-7 before the play, but eventually topped Hillhouse 21-19.

Regardless of whether that turns out to be the final win of the year for North Haven or the start of a dominant season, it's likely that White's touchdown will be the single memory that stands out for North Haven fans from 2011.

From the sound of it, the pass might be the memory that stands out for Hillhouse fans, too, for very different reasons.

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