Prep football star sports one of the best afros you’ll ever see

Cameron Smith
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These days, the hip thing for most budding football stars to do when trying to make a hair statement is to rock a mohawk, or at least a faux hawk. Perhaps that's why Orlando (Fla.) Colonial High wide receiver Derek Knott's choice of hairstyle is all the more striking: As seen on Orlando network WFTV, Knott sports what has to be the best retro 1970s afro in all of high school football … if not all football, period.

Colonial wide receiver Derek Knott
Colonial wide receiver Derek Knott

Just how big is Knott's afro? According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Colonial star's official height is 5-foot-9, but he said that if measured at the top of his hair, he would stand closer to 6-foot-2.

"I am going to have to get it trimmed for school, but I will only get an inch or two taken off," Knott told the Sentinel. "A lot of people always talk about the hair. I like it long. It makes me look a little taller. Actually, even with my hair, I have one of the smallest helmets on the team when I pull it [his hair] back."

Of course, while playing football, Knott's fantastic 'fro tends to get matted down by his helmet, which puts a slight damper on his retro personal stylings. Luckily, Knott stars in more sports than just football: He's also a standout long jumper, a pursuit which puts absolutely no crimp on his hairdo … and also looks even more fantastic (if that's possible) when he leaps with his afro held back by a thick hairband.

Look, Prep Rally isn't usually in the business of fashion commentary, but Knott's valiant efforts to single-handedly resurrect 1970s sporting hairdos is too good not to point out. Has anyone seen any that are better … or even close to as glorious as Knott's? We'd love to see them.

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