Prep cheerleader laughs at own misfortune after epic cheer FAIL

Sometimes it's important to remember that cheerleading can be a cruel and dangerous sport. There's ample proof of that in the video below.

To be fair, Prep Rally has no idea who the unfortunate cheerleader who happened to either A) kick herself in the head, or B) slip in untimely circumstances, actually was. What we do know is that the video that depicts her least glorious moment — and was brought to Prep Rally's attention by NBC blog Off the Bench — was uploaded to YouTube by a teenager named Natalie Mudd, who happens to be a student at Jefferson City (Mo.) Blair Oaks High.

Add to that the fact that the students in question have all the marks of being high schoolers working out at a high school field, and it's pretty safe to say that the video can serve as a historical document about the risks inherent in school spirit at the prep ranks.

Naturally, the most important concern is that the unfortunate cheerleader in question avoided any kind of a serious injury. Based on her reaction — and the fact that only her butt and elbow hit the ground with any force — it seems safe to say that she at least achieved that.

In the process, she also showed that she has a heck of a sense of humor about her own cheer capacity. Good for her. Anyone who can take a foot to the face or slip into a brief behind injury is bound for greatness if they can laugh at themselves.

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