Player scores 79-yard receiving TD, 86-yard passing TD on one snap

Of all the strange statistical lines we've ever seen, this might take the cake. Last week, Girard (Pa.) jack-of-all-trades star Joe Sobucki passed for an 82-yard touchdown and scored a 86-yard receiving touchdown ... on the same play.

As much as it may sound impossible, Sobucki's bizarre statistical achievement actually did happen, and you can see the play itself at the start of the highlight clip directly above. According to and the Erie Times-News, in an Oct. 8 game against Fort LeBoeuf, Sobucki -- who traditionally lines up as a wide receiver or running back -- moved to the quarterback position for a play in the second period. After taking the snap, he tossed a 2-yard screen to teammate Anthony Stuart, then made a beeline to Stuart's side of the field.

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As Stuart was going down he saw Sobucki running along side and pitched it back to his quarterback in a classic hook-and-ladder maneuver, with Sobucki bursting through the gap and flying down the sideline the remaining 86 yards to the end zone.

"We just call that the 'Oop-de-oop,''' Sobucki told the Times-News. "The linemen blocked great, so give them credit for everything I did tonight. ...

"I followed [Stuart] down the line, then he pitched it back to me. It was just speed from there."

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The lateral meant that even though Sobucki carried the ball 79 yards -- which count as receiving yards as a statistic -- but didn't technically have a reception on the play. Instead, Stuart earned the reception, getting credit for a 3-yard gain.

Eventually, Sobucki's Yellow Jackets held off Fort LeBoeuf 24-12, thanks in part to the surprise quarterback's quick thinking and unique touchdown in the second quarter, one of four he scored on a night in which he dominated an overwhelmed Bison defense. It's incredibly unlikely that Sobucki will ever achieve the unique feat again, but he'll always have one remarkable October Friday to look back on and smile.

"We had a lot of players out of position, and they did a terrific job," Girard coach Jim Funk told the Times-News. "With everybody we had missing, the simplest thing in sports is to get your best athlete the ball. We had a direct snap to Joe, and the line blew people off the ball. And if you can get the ball to Joe in an open field, he's as dangerous as they come.''

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