Player hurdles entire line to block kick only to earn a flag

Bay City All Saints (Mich.) High School was in the middle of a tight game with Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary High on Friday, and senior Drew Janer felt like he had to make a play. Yet Janer didn't have the ball, and Lutheran Seminary was lining up for an extra point. That's when Janer pulled off what might be an even more impressive leap than any we've seen so far this year: He vaulted the entire offensive line, and timed his leap to perfectly coincide with the Lutheran Seminary snap count.

Incredible Football Block @ Yahoo! Video

As you can see in the video above, thanks to Bay City All Saints videographer Dennis Fritz, Janer lined up as a free safety on the play. Then he ran up toward the line at a clip, starting before the snap, made a clean jump over the entire Lutheran Seminary offensive line and got his hands on the kick from Lutheran Seminary's Austin King.

Yet before Janer even got a chance to pop up and celebrate his block, a flag had been thrown, with Bay City All Saints penalized for hurdling a player at the line of scrimmage. The officials at the game immediately cited the rule, which matches recommended regulation from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

What may be most impressive about the block is the fluidity with which Janer, who also stars as a dual-threat quarterback, pulled off the feat. The Bay City Times Golden Helmet winner didn't just leap the line, and do so on a randomly timed run, he landed from the leap squarely on his two feet. In fact, he landed so effortlessly, it almost seemed like he was going to run up and try to steal the ball away from the holder and take off down the field.

The flag wasn't the only thing that went against Janer and his teammates on Friday, either. Lutheran Seminary escaped from Bay City with a 21-18 win, earning the school's first playoff berth in two years. Bay City has already qualified for the playoffs by earning six wins.

Still, it seems unlikely that All Saints or Lutheran Seminary fans will remember the game's result for nearly as long as they'll recall Janer's remarkable play.

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