Plain City Prayer is the season’s first game-winning Hail Mary

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's a seasonal rite of passage for some school football program to win a football game with a miraculous Hail Mary pass. It isn't really football season until it happens, either at the high school or collegiate level.

Consider the football season now well under way, thanks to the Plain City Prayer from Utah.

As dug up by Bobs Blitz, Roy (Utah) High was trailing Fremont (Utah) High 12-7 with just seconds remaining on Friday night. With just enough time for one final snap, Roy quarterback Tyler Skidmore dropped back and unleashed a 44-yard bomb in the direction of wide receiver Justin Weaver.

Unfortuntely for Skidmore, his pass wasn't quite long enough. Fortunately, a Fremont defender attempted to pick the ball off, and instead gave it a helpful push toward the end zone, where it plopped right into the hands of Weaver.

Touchdown Roy, with no time on the clock. Ball game.

Even if the pass wasn't executed exactly to plan, it will be hard to top Skidmore and Weaver's connection as the season rolls on.

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