Pennsylvania team loses game 52-0 and personal items to theft

On Oct. 8, the Bentworth (Pa.) High football team had a very rough night. First, the Bearcats were routed by Clairton by the embarrassingly final score of 52-0. Then, when Bentworth players went back to the locker room, they discovered the gear and clothes they left in the locker room had been stolen.

"We've been working with Bentworth to find out what was stolen," Clairton Superintendent Dr. Lucille Abellonio told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "Then we can work something out with the [Bentworth] school district."

According to the Post-Gazette, the bad news for both Bentworth, whose team captains can be seen above, and Clairton is that the losses were substantial. Among the items reported missing by the Bentworth team were car keys, an iPod, multiple items of jewelry and cash.

The Clairton school district is planning to refund the total cost of Bentworth's lost items as soon as the stolen totals are tabulated. Meanwhile, Clairton school officials are trying to ensure all future visitors to the school's facilities that the Bears players were not responsible for the thefts.

Abellonio told the Post-Gazette that the thefts were possible only because of two oversights. First, a scheduling mishap meant that the custodian who traditionally locks the locker room door after the teams leave for the opening kickoff was not working the night of the game. Then, to make matters worse, Bentworth team officials didn't know they could have closed the locker room door themselves.

Regardless of who bears final responsibility, Bentworth is missing some valuable items. Clairton feels embarrassed about the entire incident, though luckily, the Bears' next opponent says it has no concern about the safety of its valuables.

"We warn our teams everywhere we go," Brent Fleissner, the athletic director at Fort Cherry told the Post-Gazette. "We'll make sure we lock everything up. We'll do that everywhere on the road."

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