Pee Wee football practice is host to one of the biggest hits you’ll ever see

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

It's hot. Summer is rolling on and, in some places, youth football is even kicking off. With those practices come the initial foray into new Heads Up tackling training and, at the collegiate level, anti-targeting rules.

It's a good thing those heads up rules are in effect, because they may already be helping keep some major hits clean ... at the Pee Wee level.  In the past, this remarkable bulldozer tackle -- luckily it's pad-on-pad, not helmet-on-helmet -- might have led to whistles.

We have no idea who the players in the above video are, but we know that they're Pee Wee football players who were captured by a Lockerdome user named Faux John Madden, which in turn shared the video with Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard and us at Prep Rally.

We're glad they did, because you may never see a football player dump truck an opponent as decisively as one youngster did his foe in that clip.

Of course, if this was the college football season, that tackler might have received the Jadaveon Clowney treatment anyway, as pointed out by Extra Mustard. You know what? It might have been worth it, too. So long as the player who was run over is ok, of course. Safety first. That's the whole point behind heads up tackling after all.

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