Paris Jackson was just the latest in a long line of celebs to join the cheerleading ranks

Cameron Smith
Blake Lively livened up the Burbank High cheerleading squad — Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

When Paris Jackson turned up as a varsity cheerleader for Sherman Oaks (Ca.) Buckley's School, Prep Rally -- as well as many of our most most intrepid readers -- seemed to be both genuinely surprised and heartened.

Surprised because, wow, it's remarkable that Paris Jackson is already a bona fide teenager, heartened because she is apparently engaging in exactly what so many who have gone before he have done. She's cheering for her school, and seems to be pretty happy doing so.

That's great, because as everyone knows, Jackson hasn't had the most everyday or easy of childhoods. Yet if she does go on to have the future she envisions for herself, replete with starring roles on the big screen, she'll join a pretty strong cadre of Hollywood's grande dames -- not to mention a few other luminaries -- as those who took star turns after first getting their kicks while cheering for their alma mater.

Who's on that list? Well, thanks to our partners at Snakkle, we can tell you ... and show off what they looked like when they were in action in high school.

Sandra Bullock at Washington Lee High and post Oscar stardom — Yearbook Library/Getty

First up? The lovely Blake Lively, who you see pictured above. As for the rest, including a couple you probably didn't see coming, their identities are pretty clear when seen in split screen. Make sure to check out the entire list at Snakkle to see who is most surprising yourself.

Halle Berry had a lot of school spirit at Heskett Junior High in Bedford, Ohio — Yearbook Library/Getty

And without being too much of a spoiler, make sure to check out one particular ex-Desperate Housewife.

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