Oregon third-grader suspended for ridiculously dirty youth football performance

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Youth sports are all about promoting the good parts of friendly competition. Teamwork, hard work and dedication are frequent refrains in youth sports parables, and most teams and athletes follow those guidelines.

That's not the case for one Oregon youth football player, however, as shown in the YouTube clip above.

The unnamed player, who competes for a team in the Oregon City youth football league, unleashed a torrent of extremely dirty play, channeling Ndamukong Suh and Richard Seymour in the same game, not to mention tossing in plenty of post-whistle pushes and disgusting moves.

The evidence of the unnamed Oregon City player was first revealed on the blog It's Always Sunny in Detroit, where the entire incident has raised serious issues about player safety and good sportsmanship in youth sports. In this case, the player in question's actions were celebrated by his coach more than once on the sideline.

Though no comments have been forthcoming from the player or coach, both were suspended for a single game after the video evidence against them was submitted to the Oregon City league. That's a decent start, though it seems a bit lenient for a coach who celebrated an athlete punching an opponent in the helmet after play was over to miss only a single game.

Regardless of the penalty, the player's actions are positively inexcusable. One can only hope that the videotaped violence he took part in will be his last foray into such unsportsmanlike play.

At the very least, it ought to be the last time he makes such a mistake and follows by sitting out only one game. Repeat offenses would deserve at least the rest of the season, if not a default youth career, because there's just no place for that in any level of any sport.

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