Oregon star scores goal on impressive corner kick

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Willamette (Ore.) High soccer star David Diaz has scored goals from just about every possible scenario during his team's impressive 2011 campaign. Through his team's first nine games the junior midfielder has already notched 11 goals and seven assists.

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Still, of all those goals, none could compare to the one he scored on a corner kick against North Eugene (Ore.) High, as you can see via OregonLive above.

Yes, you read that correctly. Diaz didn't score off a corner kick, he scored on a corner kick; he was the guy taking the kick himself. Instead of looking for a teammate's head, Diaz just sent in a looping cross that arched directly over the head of the North Eugene goalkeeper and right into the net.

"He's a great corner kick taker," Willamette senior captain Dylan Lincoln Bates said. "He can put them in from anywhere."

That might be an understatement. In the video compilation of Diaz's early season goals below, Diaz scores on that corner kick, a booming 43-yard direct kick against Silverton (Ore.) High and one of the more magical one-man assists ever recorded, when Diaz deftly drew in three Shelton (Ore.) defenders, systematically dropped all three of them and then sent in a strong shot which was parried away by the Shelton keeper to fall on the foot of a teammate.

It certainly appears that Diaz lives up to the high accolades given to him.

"David Diaz is kind of like our Lionel Messi," Willamette coach Thomas Goodwin said. "He's fast, he's intelligent, he passes the ball well. He scores on free kicks."

And, as everyone now knows, he scores on corner kicks, too.

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