Oregon RB knocks over, nearly breaks ribs of coach on title game TD celebration

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

To say that Sherwood (Ore.) High ran away with the Class 5A state title is an extreme understatement. The Bowmen led 36-6 at halftime. They dominated the game on offense and were so stingy on defense that they had already scored 14 points by the time they allowed rival Marist (Ore.) High to earn a single first down.

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Things were so good that the Sherwood coaching staff couldn't have even dreamed up a smoother first half. It was perfect. Well, almost perfect. As it turns out, the Bowmen did have one major first-half misstep, and it occurred on one of the most visible interactions of the game: a post-touchdown celebration between junior Sherwood star Keegan Lawrence and the school's head football coach Greg Lawrence.

As noted by the Oregonian, after scoring a touchdown on a 27-yard  scamper down the left sideline, the younger Lawrence celebrated the title game score in the now-traditional fashion, shoulder bumping his jubilant teammates as the arrived in the end zone.

Then, as Lawrence trotted off the field he did something a little different: He tried to pull off the same leaping celebratory move with Greg Lawrence, Sherwood's head coach ... and Keegan's father.

Let's just say that things didn't go according to plan. No sooner had the younger Lawrence made contact with his Dad than Greg Lawrence went sprawling back to the earth, knocked flat by Keegan Lawrence's powerful upper body.

Luckily for both Lawrences, Keegan made it out of the incident in better shape, with the star back continuing in the game and racking up 132 yards and three touchdowns on just 10 carries in Sherwood's season-capping victory.

Still, it wasn't all rosy for the Lawrences, as Greg made clear after the game.

"My rib's killing me," Greg Lawrence told the Oregonian after the game. "He's a little stronger than I thought."

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