Oregon prep baseball team suffers unlikeliest of defeats after dropped third strike

Senior pitcher Trevor Williams sits in the dugout after Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe High's four-run lead evaporated. (Andrew Nemec/The Oregonian)

It's hard to imagine a tougher loss than the one Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe High's baseball team just suffered.

The Crimson Tide led 9-5 with two outs and two strikes on Newberg's Marcus Dufour when senior pitcher Trevor Williams delivered the game-ending strikeout. At least he thought he did. As several Glencoe players celebrated, Dufour scampered to first base on a dropped third strike, according to The Oregonian.

Regardless, Glencoe still led by four and needed just one out to survive the seventh inning victorious. Except, "a ball lost in the sun, a pair of hits and a series of miscues in the field all led to a game-tying RBI single" and ultimately a game-winning RBI single from Newberg's Brendan Nipp for an unlikely 10-9 rally.

"It's a funny game," Glencoe coach Tim Stewart told The Oregonian. "I'd have to think back a lot of games. It's not something I would want to remember if it has ever happened to me before. It doesn't sit real well."

It certainly didn't sit well with Williams, who unleashed a tirade in the dugout that everybody within shouting distance couldn't miss, according to The Oregonian. Stewart told the paper his pitcher will not face disciplinary action, if only because anyone would need to blow off steam after such a defeat.

"In all honesty, I've never seen that, no," Newberg coach Steve Mayfield added. "But it's a matter of not quitting and knowing what the situation is. We needed baserunners. Baseball is a funny game and things happen."

That depends on your definition of funny.