Oregon LB averages incredible 17.8 tackles per game — down from 20 last year

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Before we begin, let's put David Henry's numbers into perspective. Minnesota Vikings OLB Chad Greenway is the current NFL leader in tackles after 13 weeks. With 123 total tackles (solo and assisted) he's averaging just over 10 tackles per game — an impressive number for any player through more than half the season.

Toledo LB Dan Molls is the NCAA leader at just under 14 tackles per game. The numbers Greenway and Molls have put up this season are noteworthy, but they don't hold a candle to the insane tackle numbers Oakland (Ore.) High LB David Henry has been putting up over the last two season.

As the Oregonian pointed out in a recent story, Henry is currently averaging a video game-esque 17.8 tackles this season to lead the team. The number seemed so preposterous that his coach, Ben Lane, questioned the team's statistician to see if he'd made a mistake.

"I've had people say, 'Are you sure?'" Lane told the Oregonian. "But I promise you, I'll give you the game film and you can count them yourself."

Henry's tackle numbers are impressive, but here's the most incredible part of the story: The 17.8 is actually a down year for the Oakland senior. He averaged a whopping 20.3 last season as a junior.

"He will dominate the middle of the field, but he makes tackles just because he also plays sideline to sideline," Lane told the Oregonian. "He's just got a motor. He's extremely talented. You've got to account for him on the other side of the ball. He's got great speed and he's able to get to the ball."

Henry not only excels on the defensive side of the ball for Oakland, who's 10-2 and in the Class 2A state title, he also thrives on offense, having rushed for 2,566 yards and 38 touchdowns over the last two seasons. The kid may not be a household name, but with that kind of talent, he should be playing on Saturday next season.

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