Oregon forward smashes backboard on breakaway dunk

Andy Avgi is a senior power forward for Woodburn (Ore.) High. The big man puts up serious stat lines thanks to a body that few except Charles Barkley could love. That 6-foot-6, 240-pound frame packs a surprising amount of explosiveness. Exhibit No. 1: Saturday's 62-60 Woodburn loss to Putnam, in which Avgi tossed down the following slam on a fast break.

Player shatters backboard @ Yahoo! Video

As can clearly be seen, the backboard is possessing of powers less than that of Mr. Avgi, who is a bit of a big deal in the Woodburn area. The senior is a two-time defending Class 5A All-State selection by the Portland Oregonian, and averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds in 2009-10. He's been just as impressive early in his senior season.

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Yet none of his previous performances made the statement that Saturday's did, with Avgi taking down the backboard in a narrow loss, then also throwing down a one-handed alley-oop later in the game (after the backboard had been replaced, of course). What's more, he did it at a historic venue. Four years ago, Timberwolves star Kevin Love broke down the backboard in the same Putnam gym.

Before you see that as a portent of great things to come for Avgi on the basketball court, the senior is actually facing brighter prospects on the football field. The tight end/defensive end has been recruited by a handful of West Coast schools, including Oregon.

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It's unlikely the Ducks are in his future come signing day, or the NBA, but given his dominance in the early phases of the season, it's also hard to write him off, particularly if he gets the ball unguarded on the break.

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