Oklahoma WR scores one of most determined TDs of 2011

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Determination, thy name is Tylor Seabolt.

As you can see in the highlight clip above, Seabolt proved to be the absolute embodiment of persistent will power for Jones (Okla.) High during the school's Class 2A state title game loss to Hennessey. The wide out pulled in a pass from quarterback Michael Lowe, then absorbed a big hit.

Then, Seabolt took another hit. Somehow he slipped out of both potential gang tackles, only to find himself mobbed again. How Seabolt slipped out of that final dog pound is absolutely beyond any logic. Perhaps he summoned the wisdom of David Blaine. Perhaps he temporarily shrunk, a la Alice in Wonderland.

Whatever he did, Seabolt miraculously emerged from the equivalent of a fumble melee to dance into the end zone, scoring a game-tying touchdown in the third period of a huge rematch in Stillwater.

In the end, that touchdown proved to be the lone scoring highlight of the Longhorns' final game of the season, with Hennessey walking away with a 21-7 victory and second consecutive state title. Still, the game's best play definitely belonged to Seabolt, even if he had no business making his way into the end zone in the first place.

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