Oklahoma slugger’s grand slam smashes floodlights just like ‘The Natural’

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Remember the climactic scene in "The Natural" where Robert Redford's character drills the lights with one of the great cinematic home runs of all time? An Oklahoma teen provided his best daytime facsimile of the memorable scene with one of the most impressive moonshot home runs you'll see, albeit it without the convoluted love life that plagued Roy Hobbs.

The player slamming the grand slam you see above -- courtesy of Oklahoma High School Sports Express -- is budding Yukon (Okla.) High slugger Landon Eason. Yes, the player who has provided the best on-field Roy Hobbs impersonation since who knows when even has a name befitting a Roy Hobbs impersonator.

But wait, it gets even better. Eason's homer was a grand slam, delivered against rival Midwest City (Okla.), which is fittingly known as the Bombers. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Eason's Yukon squad has the mascot of the Millers.

So, just to recap: Yukon Millers slugger Landon Eason hits a mammoth home run over the right-field fence that smashes into the floodlights. The blast is a grand slam, and it comes against a team called the Midwest City Bombers. If this plot isn't directly from central casting, well, someone tell Prep Rally what is.

Only the circumstances of the game take away from the drama of the high school light-shatterer; Yukon drilled Midwest City, 14-0, in the contest in which Eason delivered his grand slam.

Now, if only there was more backstory behind the blast, Hollywood might have something to work with. Then again, those plot twists are the easy part. Coming up with a scenario like a Landon Eason blasting a homer through the lights, that almost defies artistic creation it's so perfect.

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