Ohio teen nets another improbable half-court buzzer beater

It may not be backwards, but there was another improbable half-court buzzer-beater over the weekend in a game between Olentangy (Ohio) Liberty High and Hilliard (Ohio) Davidson High.

With just seconds left before halftime in Powell, Ohio, Liberty faced an inbounds from behind its own basket, following a Davidson made free throw. There was only enough time for a baseball-style inbounds pass and a mid-court prayer. What unfolded next wasn't exactly your bread-and-butter long inbounds play, as you can see below.

Instead of reaching Andy Yazrombek, the pass' intended target, it appeared destined for the hands of a Hilliard Davidson defender. But the pass was just slightly too strong for the Davidson player to corral cleanly, and it instead bounced of his hands toward two other Davidson defenders.

The next problem for Davidson was that those two defenders were on a crash course for the ball, and found each other instead. Instead of landing in one of their hands, the ball bounced off the body of one of the Wildcats and bounced directly to Yazrombek, the player the Patriots were trying to get the ball to in the first place.

With the ball in his hands, Yazrombek had just enough time to react intuitively and launch a deep three from mid-court ... which sailed cleanly through the hoop for an improbable momentum changer heading to the locker rooms at the half.

As it turned out, the shot wasn't enough to lift Liberty to a win -- Davidson pulled out a 50-43 victory on the road -- but it did provide a lift for the Patriots and the fans during the game, and a memorable highlight near the season's midway point.

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