Ohio junior makes first varsity soccer goal a wonderfully spectacular one

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Ben Zook picked a helluva way to score his first varsity soccer goal.

The Central Christian School (Kidron, Ohio) junior connected on a wonderfully lofted attempt from midfield against, well, it's unclear. Presumably versus St. Thomas Aquinas (Louisville, Ohio) -- the team his Comets faced the night prior to this YouTube upload.

You see, this is one of those epic videos that lives in the search pages of YouTube when you type in "high school sports" and "insane." All we can go by is the Sept. 21 description:

Ben Zook, a Center-Back scores his first varsity goal of the season for the Central Comets.

That's it, huh? Only one of the great goals of this fall soccer season, and that's all he gets? Upon further review, Zook is indeed a member of the soccer team at Central Christian School, where he owned a 4.0 GPA as a sophomore last year. That's it. That's all we know.

Except that we understand he's a center-back. The terms normally associated with his position include "defending," "marking," "tackling" and "heading" -- not "firing goals just out of reach of the goalkeeper into the top corner of the net from 40 yards out."

Nevertheless, there's something beautiful to these videos -- a spectacular goal living in the depths of YouTube, viewed only a dozen times at the time of its discovery here.

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