Ohio boys hoops coach arrested for egregious DUI after replacing former coach who did same thing

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

They say that three makes for a trend. When it comes to justifications for the dismissal of high school sports coaches, its fair to adjudge that trend starting at two.

Sandusky High School, which seems to have a boys basketball coach DUI issue — Facebook
Sandusky High School, which seems to have a boys basketball coach DUI issue — Facebook

With that in mind, Sandusky Ohio finds itself in a very unfortunate trend. More specifically, it’s boys basketball coaches keep getting arrested for driving under the influence.

As reported by the Morning Journal, a newspaper which covers Northern Ohio, 28-year-old Jason Prophet was arrested early Sunday morning on charges that include operating a vehicle while under the influence. There were not any alcohol tests proving that Prophet was inebriated when arrested, but considering the fact that he hopped a curb, drove through a series of fences and struck a parked car with such force that it flew 6 feet back, those tests would seem to be more of a confirming rather than determining factor, particularly considering the fact that Prophet outright refused to take those tests himself.

More troublingly, Prophet and his companion, an unnamed 30-year-old woman, were found trying to flee the scene on foot. That is not the kind of action undertaken by a high school sports coach of sound mind and body.

Prophet has yet to coach a varsity game for Sandusky (Ohio) High, but spent the 2012-13 season serving as the school’s junior varsity coach. He was promoted to the head job in April because of the departure of former Sandusky head coach Demar Moore.

And why, you ask, did Demar Moore resign from his role at the top of the Sandusky basketball pyramid? Because he was also caught operating a vehicle under the influence. In Moore’s case, that influence was so significant that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel along a state road.

Naturally, this is a disturbing trend. While Sandusky school officials have yet to make any announcement about the future leader of the Sandusky boys basketball program, that person -- whether it be Prophet or another new coach -- might want to reflect diligently on their own consumption of alcohol before accepting the position, for the school’s case as much as their own.

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