The Ocean State loves its Skippers

Cameron Smith

In a state as small as Rhode Island, there are a few factors that tend to dominate the state's identity. One is its place on the map, a spot in the middle of New England and America's revolutionary hot bed. The other is also related to its place on the map; in case you haven't looked lately, most of the state is right on the water.

North Kingstown could really use a boat somewhere on its uniforms — Facebook

Perhaps then it's no surprise that the state's best mascot in voting with USA Today is nautically based, with North Kingstown (R.I.) High's Skippers sailing to a relatively easy vote-in victory, all puns intended.


There's no mystery of what a skipper is; it's another word for a captain of a boat. That's a fitting nickname for almost any school near the water, and North Kingstown certainly fits that bill. North Kingstown is a seafaring town and always has been. You won't have a hard time finding a lobster roll there.

You also won't have a hard time finding plenty of fans of the Skippers. Small town America is small town America, on the water or not.

Other Great Rhode Island Mascots of Note:

Remember the earlier note about the state's revolutionary and colonial past? Well, the Warwick (R.I.) Pilgrim High Patriots fit that bill to a T. After all, if a school is going to be called Pilgrim High, why wouldn't it play as the Patriots?

Woonsocket (R.I.) High compete as the Villa Novans. To a novice eye, that might appear to be a reference to a Catholic college outside Philadelphia? It's not. In fact, the school shares land with a large public park called Villa Nova Park. That comes together to form a unique and lasting mascot, one of a handful in the Ocean State.

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