NYPD: Football star’s death caused by father’s aggression

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As additional details come out about the tragic death of New York City football star Isayah Muller hours after his high school graduation, the story appears to have taken an even more disturbing turn. According to the New York Daily News, New York Post and other sources, Andre Muller, Isayah's father, was responsible for triggering the brawl between him, his son and two parking attendants that left his son dead just hours later.

The violent episode followed a dispute over a missing $200 bottle of cologne the elder Muller had intended to be a graduation present for his son and led to Isayah Muller being stabbed to death by one of the parking attendants during in the fracas.

Andre Muller and his wife at a vigil for their son Isayah Muller
Andre Muller and his wife at a vigil for their son Isayah Muller

"What a tragedy. [Andre] Muller was the aggressor," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in an interview with Fox 5 morning show "Good Day New York."

Surveillance video of the incident was used in a Wednesday hearing on the dispute, with charges of assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon levied against Muller. The weapon in question was a snow shovel which was picked up from outside the parking attendants' shack by Andre Muller, pictured above with his pregnant wife Rosa. The video also showed Isayah Muller throwing punches in the fight, but did not show him being stabbed.

The football star also was responsible for breaking into the attendants' shack, in which the two attendants involved in the altercation had barricaded themselves when Andre Muller came at them wielding the shovel, which he used to hit one of the attendants named Ramon Hernandez.

Meanwhile, the two parking lot attendants -- one of whom fatally stabbed Isayah Muller -- were released without charge after it was judged that they had acted in self defense.

"I was trying to hold the shovel back. If not, [Andre] would have killed me," Hernandez told the New York Post through a Spanish translator.

The surviving Muller appeared in the same courtroom as the two parking attendants on Wednesday, wearing a blood-stained blue shirt which he later exchanged for a clean t-shirt after he was released on bail.

After the trial, the Muller family held a vigil for its departed son in Hell's Kitchen, where his great-grandmother lived.

"They killed my boy," Andre Muller said behind told the Daily News at the vigil. "He was a good kid. I'm going to miss him every day."
Meanwhile, Penny Mentis, Isayah Muller's longtime girlfriend, told the New York Post that Isayah died in her arms at the hospital, and provided additional heartbreaking details of his final moments.

"[Isayah] just said, 'Mom, let's go home,' " a tearful Mentis said.

Then Mentis noticed the blood.

"His eyes rolled back in his head, he threw up, he seemed to lose consciousness," she said.

Andre sped to a clinic about 10 blocks away, with Mentis cradling Isayah's head, but his wounds were too severe to be treated there. He was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he died at around 6 p.m.

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