NY volleyball coach steps down after league postpones title game in connection with a Sandy storm shelter

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Girls volleyball coach Jeremy BasSie may win a PSAL Class A title with Bronx (N.Y.) High School of Science this season, but it'll likely be the only one he wins at the school, after he made a shocking announcement on Twitter that he was stepping down following the game.

The reason for stepping down? According to the New York Daily News, BasSie was frustrated with the PSAL's decision to postpone the title game until after the Thanksgiving holiday, after the league booked a gym that's currently being used as a storm shelter. At the moment, the PSAL has yet to schedule a makeup date, or site, for the game against New York (N.Y.) Susan E. Wagner High on Staten Island.

Fed up with the PSAL's lack of foresight, BasSie decided the best way to protest the league's decision was to just walk away.

"I'm trying to raise awareness that it's not acceptable to just neglect the sport when every other sports gets some improvements," BasSie told the New York Daily News.

I can understand protesting the decision or calling out the PSAL in the press, but the decision to walk away from the girls on the team because the league failed to find another site seems a bit harsh. Hurricane Sandy obviously forced everyone in the area to make decisions on the fly, and the PSAL clearly didn't have a backup plan.

The onus should fall on the PSAL for its lack of planning; however, I just don't see the point in stepping down -- especially if you plan on coaching the title game. You're basically telling the league, "Hey, I'm frustrated ... but I'm going to try and win a Class A title before I walk away."

Regardless, BasSie is free to make his own decisions. If he believes stepping down will prove his point, so be it.

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