Now D. Wade is victimizing camp knockout players

Cameron Smith

Another Heat superstar hosting a basketball camp, another legal minor being victimized in a "camp ending reward" game of knockout.

Et tu, Dwyane Wade? Nonne, ille etiam (that's "yes, him too" in Latin).

As you can see above, as first noted by former Ball Don't Lie patriarch Trey Kerby, the most recent mugging rather unsportsmanlike move in the late stages of a summer knockout game was turned in by D-Wade, who turned to virulently swatting away a youngster's layup attempt in the paint when the game got down to its final few players.

Fittingly, just like Lebron James' summer camp antics, Wade finished the game as a loser, knocked out by one of the campers at his D. Wade All-Star Basketball Camp at Nova Southeastern University.

Of course, what makes Wade's rather drastic move stand out when compared with the one LeBron turned in at the end of June was the age of his victim. When LeBron flattened rising high school senior Evan Mahone with a thunderous dunk, he did so to knock Mahone out. Wade, meanwhile, swatted aside an elementary-aged (or middle schooler? Hard to tell from the video) hoopster to keep himself in a game.

That rejection could be considered a bit of a cute move, given the age (and height) of the player Wade was taking advantage of. Mahone was old enough to appear competitive to James, which seemed to make his poster dunk feel a bit more out of line.

Still, that hardly means that Wade's rejection was in the spirit of the game. Then again, collecting the three best free agents in a given NBA class and shoving them onto the same team is probably considered against the spirit of the game by some, too.

Evidently Wade has no problem with either of those moves. It does make you yearn to see footage of his own sons eventually knocking him out in a backyard game in future years, though, doesn't it?

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